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Why the Management Development Program

Why the Management Development Program (MDP) for career starters and and young professionals?

The MDP is a very practice-oriented management program for above average career starters and young professionals.

Over the course of a two-year management program, MDP participants work on exciting, operational projects in our partner companies which prepare them for future management roles. Parallel to these projects, employees attend 12 high quality management courses in two-month intervals throughout the two years.

In the Management Development Program for career starters and young professionals, individualization for both partner company and employee takes place. Partner companies develop their high potentials and tailor them to meet the demands of daily tasks and MDP participants work on precisely those hard and soft skills that will help them be at their best in their field of activity.

We, at the Swiss Management Institute, are experts in the development of budding managers. Through the Management Development Program, we support both partner companies and their employees in their personal development and take on the roles of external advisor and problem-solver in day-to-day business in addition to offering a well of knowledge and know-how.