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Bank Emotion

Bank Emotion

A bank consists of several departments which depend on each other. Only those banks are successful in which all departments cooperate and follow one line of work. You will manage a bank and find out the critical factors of success. Experience the results of different decisions you have made during the simulation. With this simulation you can experience the real challenges of today’s business world.

Course Content:

This seminar is an intensive simulation based on a board game. In the course the participants manage a bank over a 3-year period. Divided into competing groups, they face the task of acquiring profitable business, opening new branches and producing a healthy profit.

They make decisions about:

which deposits to take in,

which loans to accept concerning interest rate, duration and risk,

how many people to hire

how to refinance to secure liquidity

the level of marketing expenses

and they experience the consequences of their own strategic and financial decisions.

The participants learn how the cash-flow works in the bank; how important the principles of liquidity and capital adequacy are and how treasury, marketing & sales, financial services and HR functions are interconnected.

In brief they experience how activities in one department of the bank effect other departments and by the end of the day the bottom line.

Financial concepts like P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Performance Ratios are explained and connected to the everyday operation of the bank. All decisions are by the end of the simulated year reflected in financial numbers and are subject to improvement if necessary.