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Managing and Leading Innovation and Strategic Change

Managing and Leading Innovation and Strategic Change

Overview and Aims

“The only constant in organisational life is change”

The programme focuses on the critical requirement for business strategy to recognise and embrace necessary change to remain competitive in the rapidly changing global business world.

The design of the programme aims at enabling participants to focus and reflect on both themselves as an effective leader and agent of change and enables them to develop an understanding of organisational change strategy and the significance of innovation.

The programme will enable participants to relate directly to their current and previous work environments in understanding appropriate “change management” strategies and the need for adaptability in changing contexts.

There will be a focus on the individual as well as senior management and their contribution to the creation of a culture that encourages change and innovation.

Programme Content

Understanding the concepts of change and innovation.

Strategies for introducing change

Barriers to effective change

Identifying change agents and enablers

Cultural barriers to effective change

The role of trust and effective communication in change programmes

Examination of a range of change scenarios-what went wrong/right?

Understanding concepts of “best practice” and “best fit”