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Personal and Professional Development

Personal and Professional Development

Overview and Aims

The aim of this programme is to enable participants to develop specific skills that are pivotal to successful management and effective leadership. This programme encourages participants critical thinking and problem solving skills, develops their team working and interpersonal skills. By enhancing these skills participants will develop their levels of emotional intelligence and hence their credibility within the organisation.

The programme has a direct application to the work environment and participants are encouraged to draw upon their current (and past) work experience in order to contextualise their learning .As a result learners are encouraged to become more aware of themselves, their diverse personality traits, attributes and beliefs, and how these shape their own approach to work and that of colleagues. This strong sense of self awareness and awareness of others underpins the successful practice of management and effective leadership.

Programme Content

The programme will cover the following areas:

Enhancing working effectiveness-to include time management, establishing organisational and personal values and goal setting, business planning, personal resilience and managing stress.

Effective communication-active listening, communication styles, presenting with impact

Negotiation skills-conflict management, understanding differences, the cultural dimension

Decision making-analysis and problem solving, creative thinking, risk management

Emotional Intelligence-positive mental state, understanding self, building relationships