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Strategic Human Resource Managment (HRM)

Strategic Human Resource Managment (HRM)

Overview and Aims

The overall aim of the programme is to develop an understanding of the importance of strategic human resource management in helping achieve organisational objectives and helping organisations gain competitive advantage from their human resources.

The programme recognises the significance of managing people effectively,and the complications in doing so,in order to achieve business success.It critiques the rhetoric(“people are our most important resource”)and examines the reality of how to develop and retain a highly competent and motivated workforce.

The programme draws upon the knowledge of the participants and gets “behind the labels” to develop a practical understanding of issues such as “talent development” and “engagement”.

Programme Content

Issues to be covered include:

The contribution of effective HRM to the business including how to integrate HR and business strategies

The relationship between the specialist HR function and line managers.

Issues of credibility and influence and their impact on the HR profession

Understanding the HR context both globally and nationally and its impact on business operations

Key contemporary themes such as;performance,trust,engagement and talent management & development

The role of HR in developing the corporate conscience with respect to ethical behaviour and corporate social responsibility