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People Resourcing and Talent Management

People Resourcing and Talent Management

Overview and Aims

People resourcing as a subject incorporates the key features of HRM practise with links to organisational performance. Central to success as a high-performance organisation is an ability to attract and retain the right number of appropriately skilled and motivated individuals and teams engaged and committed to adding value to the organisation and its stakeholders.

At a strategic level people resourcing allows you to explore the links between the external context and the development of corporate and HR strategy, and how high level strategy decisions influence choices about the way in which people are employed and rewarded for their contributions.

The increasing awareness of the need to develop an organisations talent is examined and there is a critical review of the meaning and understanding of the concept of talent. There is also an examination of the means of securing and developing talent within the organisation.

Programme Content

People resourcing in context: human capital and high performance organisations

People resourcing practices: Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Performance management, reward

Employment strategies

Ethical and legal contexts

Debates around people resourcing and management issues such as attraction, engagement, loyalty, retention, employability, succession, job design, work-life balance, diversity management

Understanding the concept of “talent” and its significance to organisations

Methods and programmes of managing talent